Digital dispensing cabinet

The purpose of the terminal is to deliver a consignment without contact “person-to-person”, without defining the working hours of the owner (sender). The sender inserts the goods with the help of the Android app and sends the PIN codes to the customer (recipient). The consignee can pick up the shipment from the terminal at his convenience.
What do you need :
1. Household electrical input;
2. Smartphone with Android software.
How it works :
1. In the Android app, the sender enters the order number, the phone number to which the PIN code will be sent, and selects the door size;
2. The QR code is automatically generated in the app, after scanning the door of the selected size opens;
3. The sender inserts the consignment, closes the door and confirms on the screen that the consignment has been inserted;
4. The command "send SMS" is selected in the app and an SMS message with a PIN code is automatically generated (the SMS message template can be changed: enter an address or other data);
5. After receiving the SMS message, the recipient can pick up their shipment 24/7 by entering the 4-digit PIN code.
Possible integrations and upgrades (all upgrades are available according to the customer's needs at an additional cost, which consists of the cost of programming and the necessary equipment):
1. Possible connection to the common system (optional). (Monthly maintenance fee appears):
a. Connection of the terminal to the common Internet system: possibility to track the occupancy of the terminal, manage shipments and send SMS messages;
b. Print QR codes and paste them on shipments directly from the WEB system (page);
2. Integration into a common owner accounting system:
a. If the company has a common system that already manages shipments and SMS messages, integration into their system is possible;
b. The cost of integration depends directly on the needs.


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