High Security Lockers


High Security Lockers - for storing important documents and valuables. The body is made of 3 mm, the door is made of 4 mm thick steel. The protection of the items is ensured by a one-sided or three-way locking mechanism (depending on the model) mounted on the door, which is locked with the tongue of the mechanical 8-plate lock. Even after cutting the hinges, the door does not come out. The door opens at an angle of 120 degrees (depending on the model). This allows you to conveniently remove and store items. The height of the shelves can be freely adjusted according to customer needs. At the customer's request, various certified locks, internal lockable chamber, additional shelves can be installed. Cabinets can be attached to the floor.
Standard colors:
Gray (RAL7035);
Light yellow (RAL1015);
Black (RAL8005).
Other colors available
smart foreash
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