Document cabinets

Document cabinets are designated to hold different documents. They are made from thin metal sheet 0.7 mm, with a polymer coat which secures reliable protection against corrosion. Doors of cabinets are fixed with in-mounted lever mechanism and can be locked with a lock integrated into the handle. The height of shelves can be adjusted depending on the sizes of the documents to be stored there by simply replacing retainers. The adjustment step is 25 mm. A shelf is strong to hold up to 100 kg weight. Extension structures of corresponding width can be attached to the cabinets. They allow using optimally the space over the cabinet.
Dimention, mm: 1990x1200/1000/800/600x435 or 1040x1200/1000/800/600x435
Shelves inside: 4
Lock with key
Color: Grey  (RAL 7035)
Guarante, months: 12
In addition to them you can buy antresole:
Dimention, mm:  465x1200/1000/800/600x435
smart foreash
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